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Statesboro Newborn Photographer: Everett

I waited and waited for his arrival as I imagine every expectant mother does. Wanting so badly to hold him in my arms and get to know every feature of his tiny, delicate face. To take in his smell and nuzzle up to the warmth of his soft little body. He came, and oh, did he surprise us all. He took my breath away, as he continues to do every single day. My baby boy, you have no idea how much joy you bring to your mama…….

angela - omg i love this picture its the absolute best.

Statesboro Newborn Photographer: Coraline Birch

Shortly after I photographed Coraline’s entry into this world, I got the opportunity to go to her house and take a few shots of her and her new family. This girl rocked her photo shoot and was the perfect model. She slept like an angel the entire time….

Statesboro Birth Photographer: Coraline Birch

I can’t even begin to describe how scared I was as I walked into the room. I wanted so badly to do so well. This was what I wanted for myself, and for my business. This was my passion, my dream, and although it was all there within reach, I knew how easily it could all slip away.

But I did it, doubting myself throughout the entire experience. I still wasn’t sure of myself as I began the editing process, and I wondered if what I was looking at was truly beautiful, or if my own pregnant hormones were clouding my vision.

You tell me. All I know is that I cannot wait to do it again.

Statesboro Maternity Photographer: Heather

This was my first maternity shoot, and although I was extremely nervous because Heather is a photographer herself – and we photographers tend to have high standards for photos of ourselves – I had a blast with Heather and her family. They were so much fun to be around and their children are so lucky to have such awesome parents. You can tell just how excited they are to welcome a new little girl into their family. We started out at a local playground – see, I told you they were fun!

From there, we went out to a small farm, which was absolutely beautiful. I instantly fell in love with the old barns and the gorgeous trees.

Such a gorgeous, glowing mama!

And just last week, they welcomed their daughter was born and I was lucky enough to be able to photograph her first few hours in the world. I can’t wait to share those moments with you!